Wanted features

Hi, as I have been using Renoise for years, I would like to share some things I would like to see in an update.
It will be interesting to get a response on this in this forum, so here goes:

  1. It would be useful to be able to use Enter to step down to continue listening to a song in the Sampler view (F3) which is especially useful to watch the virtual keyboard to know which keys to play when studying a MIDI and the synthesizer is connected. My habit is to switch between F1 and F3 just to be able to step down line by line. Perhaps there’s an easy way to solve this but since I haven’t found a solution I wanted to share it here.

  2. The default colors on the virtual keyboard would be nice if they can be customized, like changing the gray color into blue, green or red when a key is pressed. This would make it alot easier to follow a song, especially when playing a piano part and studying a classical MIDI.

  3. It would be nice to see key chords displayed in the bar above the virtual keyboard. I think this is default in Synthesia and I would like to see it in Renoise. Also icons with quick edit macros for commonly useful things.

Those are my best three cents, thanks.



Red pressed keys would be nice and very visible.

Yes, and sizable !! Please

To see it above pattern editor would be great !!!

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Here you have, among other things, a virtual piano to be able to show the notes that are played on the current track:
With colors!

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