Warning: Total Scene Addicts Only!


C-64 intros in flash…


Amiga demos in DHTML…


very nice :)

almost like the original’s ;)

don’t know… i prefer emu’s to feel nostalgic … :P

The DHTML doesn’t work for me (Mozilla Firefox).
But the C64-flash site is great! thx! :)

** just refreshing this poll again after I had done a mistake.

hm…and what about this one:



Great stuff! Any old sceners here from the c64/Amiga…?

I was in Black Mail (C64) and Vision (Amiga)
sigh those days were cool :rolleyes:

I think it is pretty many of them in here ;) Myself was a member of several different Amiga groups thru the years, the last group I was a member of was Ram Jam (mostly known for their diskmags The Charts and Showtime), I’m still an (inactive) memeber of that group even if I haven’t done anything serious in the scene sins 94-95 sometimes :D

Prime Design, Pleasure (in '92/'93 - small german amiga groups i think)

well…er… Vision - > Vision Factory ? I was only a lamer in those days…but with some connections. Some of my friends were in shining aid.