Everybody be aware of suspisious Emails with atachments (i.e 3.jpg/ 3.scr )coming from Fake Renoise Emails… (like emails with capitals in it).



Seems like somebody really doesn’t like us.

Remember: there is no tracker like Renoise in the world!

And unfortunately, that brings some jealous and incompetent people that show themself to the very same world in their true light (I mean, sending obviously fake mails with SCR / EXE attachments to developers - COME ON who’s gonna fall for that, how stupid do you think we are?!)

We are tracked down individual that is doing this to protect you all from this borring posts that did nobody any good. Abuse services are already notified.

lol@garf :D

anyway. it seems we have some victims who try to send infected so called renoise-patches and dubious emails faking taktik email-account.

simply dont trust it. i recommend using pgp-signed mails. ie. TheBat (www.ritlabs.com) is a great email-client which supports openPGP.

Hi Yannick, how are you?
Yes Yannick, should not you be working on MT3 :)


i think the author of the fake-mails achieved just the results he wanted to see. each tracker team suspects the other to send fake-emails. nobody did actually blame someone particular (or suspect) for that, but i am sure it was in their heads. Besides there were other dubious chat-bits before regarding renoise-cracks etc. probably for same reason.

if you feel offended by this thready, let me appologize here in the name of the whole renoise-team. I really look forward to see some nice realtionship between other trackers teams and the last thing i want to see is a flame war “my tracker is better than yours”. been there, done that. no thanx :)

so ppl. be polite, and be careful before suspecting someone particular. in my honest opinion it isnt worth it. that bastard is probably reading this board, and is really amused to see what he has done, and we are behaving just as he wanted.

simply ignore that idiot.

I dont see the point in the whole discussion.
someone has send someone a virus. well, I get about 5 per week :)
we write : “there is no tracker like Renoise in the world!” and awezoom reads “skale is not so good as renoise” instead. There is also no tracker like skale in the world.
dudes, keep calm. We all have the same goal : making a descend tracker because trackers are the most effective way for making music for us.
If someone of us is looking for an enemy, choose reason, fruityloops or cubase and dont hurt yourself.
btw: there exist about 5 pianoroll sequencers with equal featuresets in the world, but I never have seen such an unprofessional and childish discussion there. Is this what we call scene ?

Hi Awesome and Yannick,

good you stopped by on our forum :)

People say we see what we want to see. I understand that I might offended
you with this text so I appologize it was not my intention.

I also refined a bit text on index page of www.renoise.com so now I hope
nobody should have problems with that now.

I would recommend everybody to simply forget about all this.
We didn’t accuse you guys, nor Yannick.

The sender of this mail is from NORWAY! (sorry to all Norvegians, this doesn’t by any means means that you are
all bad and anti-everything persons! :)
So as you can see it cannot even be none of you guys unless you moved to NORWAY just to send this mail :)

I think this world is big enough for 3 trackers (worth using that is) to co-exist peacefully and it is
better for all of us not to make each other problems because where would it lead us to?

But I hate when people do this and it hurts me personally when I see these
attacks targeted against Renoise! This is third attack against it (we just don’t talk about first one…)
So it is obvious that someone is jealous and that DOESNT’T IMPLY that you did it!
And when someone is sending viruses that probably means he is also incompetent to do anything smarter!

Guess that’s all what I wanted to add to this discussion.

ok ppl, now start apologizing you were even born and this thread goes completly out of topic :)

sorry, but i cant simply stop smiling reading this thread :D