i have been writing about this in the beginners forum and also asked about it on the channel.
please excuse me if I’m being a bit annoying but I’m just getting a bit frustrated here!!
if I’m not making myself clear enough just let me know and i will try to explain it in another way…if that’s possible=)

i would like is to sync the whole song to any tempo i like (it’s like warp in ableton)… and i think i have read about a way of doing it via 09xx commands…i just cant find it or remember how…??

for an example:
lets say we have a song from (Metallica or whatever…) and the bpm of that song is 125… i would then like to program some drums on it at 200bpm…therefor i have to get the song in sync with 200bpm

is that possible? if yes, i would really like to now how?

PS. if there is another way around it please let me know!

kind regards. the lonef…

It’s not really warping per se but, you can use 09 command.

  1. Cut 4 bars out of the song.
  2. Load it as sample.
  3. Fill one track with C-4 note of that instrument
  4. Fill effect column with 0900
  5. Set the effect on LAST row to 09FF
  6. Right click, select Track -> Interpolate linear.

Now the sample should be spread nicely over the pattern, if you play it back on any tempo. It sounds a bit glitchy though, if it’s not your intention, you may be better off using some external timestretching tools.

ok this is properly the way of doing it…

im just a bit confused because i just recently have arrived in renoise from cubase…

i get the trick.
but how do i know how many bars it should be (the metallica song?)


Check out the demo song I made for you:


hey hi Suva.

i cant get it to open, i have try to open it directly as an XML…
and also tried to rename it

but still… please help me in what I’m doing wrong.

lonef: use “save as” feature of your browser instead of leftclicking the link: it probably recognizes the XRNS file as a ZIP file (which is what actually an XRNS is) and opens it.

anyway what Suva shows in his example song is indeed the only way you can achieve such a result in Renoise without using an external plugin.

there is a similar usage of this technique in the tutorial song “Tutorial - Beat Slicing.xrns” which is available in the Songs subfolder of your Renoise installation.

I’m very sorry for going this nuts about it
and i will stop now!!!

i will now take a break from the coffee and cigarettes.
and really do an effort to understand…

again thanks a lot!!! and i really hope you understand the state of being this frustrated!

PS. maybe i should change my name from lonef to cheers=)


In all seriousness…

09xx is good for short samples, but once you start talking about entire songs, you would be much better off using Ableton, or something like NI Traktor to timestretch it.

Traktor especially would take you a matter of seconds.

Yes, the 09 effect is definitely not meant for doing stuff like that. Although, I do have a script that takes long waves, cuts them into pieces and fills the XRNS file with it. I use it for my personal purposes, but I might release it one day if anyone is interested. :)

Some might indeed ;) Cutting samples by hand to match the pattern is no fun

i would also be interested in that script :dribble:

Sure, paypal me $100 and I’ll email it to you. ;)

EDIT: I was kidding. Nobody dared to respond with snappy comments yet. :P Anyway, I’ll try to get the GUI done and upload it somewhere. :)

Suva = Hero

glad I read this AFTER the edit was made… I would’ve lost a hundred bucks

You may still paypal me 100 bucks. :) Suva from linux dot ee is my paypal account.

oh, I forgot to ;)