Was working on a track in 2.5, now playback in 3.0.1 causes issues.

I had an old copy of 2.5 laying around, and decided to take a bunch of clips I had made in Jeskola Buzz, and resequence/arrange the wavs in Renoise.

Recently purchased the latest copy of renoise, and when I play the file in 3.1 it has a lot of glitches and stutters.

No, its not cpu, memory, or the audio card. When I play it in 2.5 it plays fine. When I play it on 2 different computers using 3.1 it gets all caught up while playing.

I would rather not resequence the track out in 3.1.

Any ideas on what the issue may be?

Is Renoise 3 running with the same audio config (sample rate, buffer size, ASIO vs DirectSound)?

If this doesn’t help, could you share the song so we could have a look at this here?

Yes the audio preferences are the same. And when running in 2.5 it works with any audio settings. Having a real conundrum…

The file was much to big for an attachment, so I uploaded it to the first free filehost that came up.

I disabled all the vst effects, but I think I left a vst instrument in there.


The song seems to play just fine here in Renoise 3.0.1 running on Windows 8.

Can you point to any specific moments in time, or specific patterns, when it bugs out badly for you?

Is there any way that you could possibly record the problem happening live, so we can hear exactly what it sounds like?

Or could you perhaps try to describe exactly what happens in more detail?

Is it quite a subtle glitch/stutter that only you as the song creator would notice, or are we talking about some really obvious sound destruction that anyone could easily notice?

From a technical point of view, the song is just a bunch of a pre-rendered loops being played together, so it’s really difficult to even guess what might go wrong there.

Could you also post your Renoise “Log.txt” files from both 2.5 and 3.0.1? That might reveal some more clues. You can find them by going to the main menu: Help > Show the Log File

Also: Does the problem only happen during live playback? Does the song render to WAV correctly in 3.0.1?

Sometimes I think the middle of the night decides to play odd tricks…

The fact that it was just triggering wavs is what was bothering me. Yes the glitches were very noticable, like twice a measure it would stutter badly. I tried it on multiple systems and it acted the same. Now that I try it, it seems to act fine…

I’ll report back here if it starts happening again. Thanks for the assistance!