Watch out! It's a Trap!

Hey you guys!

Here’s my first try on trap music!
It’s my remix of Christina Marie Magenta’s “Snake”, it’s pretty chill in my opinion!

Feedback is appreciated a lot, especially because it is TRAP!

You have just made me aware of the Genre Trap.

nice tryout, but the skrillex formulae is the worst thing ever.

I dunno. I think it sounds pretty cool. Not overly skrillex-ish. Plus, I never think it is bad to try to imitate styles or techniques in order to build a tool-set. Just makes you more versatile in the long run. Nice effort! ;)

Thanks for the feedback! Actually I didn’t have Skrillex in my mind when making the track, but might be that it has a touch of mainstream in it :) What particular did you notice as skrillex-ish? Structure, sound, etc.?

I agree. I did not think skrillex based on listening. Nice and unique production in my opinion

Like most of it. The melody, pads, drums, lyrics, song - not into the breakbeat thing.
And on my JBL’s it sounds like the Reverb is much much off… not sure if it’s the point - to give it a special sound.
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! :)

The thing you call the breakbeat thing is, what is supposed to be the Trap-part in the track, so for me it was necessary ;)

Most of the Reverb is intentional, but it might have got a little too much at some parts, so glad you noticed it - definitely something I will work on! :)