Just a silly video where i haverendered single tracks in Renoise, converted the audio to keyframes in After Effects and synced them up with some silly animations/effects.

It’s not the most exiting video, i know, but the syncing seems to work allright i guess.

Thats nice to get a direct visual feedback of sound objects without being VJ-like screensaver stuff.

I would be curious of what you could acheive with some sub-grouped tracks and more video sources…

: )

If you allow me, I dont want to steel the thread, but I wanted to share inspirationnal stuff for further video project:

Tell me if you want me to remove it.:

Super simple music, but the fun is in the video relation to music.


In my mind the animation looked awesome, but not so much in real life. I did a lot of work that didn’t work well and i look at it more as a practice piece. Rendering, trying and failing takes so much time that i really got tired of the whole thing.

On the next project i definately need to make it more visually appealing. My idea now is to make some short animations with Mandelbulb3D and sync those up, hopefully that works out pretty good. I also found that the kaleidascope effects in AE looks quite good when synced up with sound, must be one of the easiest way to make a music video.

I don’t really have any video material, stock footages and such to work with, so i need to make my own.