Wav Output Seems Quite Quiet.


I’m wondering whether I’m setting my master volume correctly when I write music in Renoise. On both my speakers and headphones the volume seems right, often I have to bring the volume down to stop it peaking.

However, when I render the song to file and, say, convert it to MP3, it always sounds very quiet compared to the rest of my MP3s, even though I’m sure I’m composing it somewhere near the max limit for volume.

Should I be loading the final WAV into an editor like CoolEdit or SoundForge in order to do the final normalisation and gain adjustments?

Sorry, I’m really quite new to this. :blink:

check your levels in renoise? it’s always better to normalise at the source, you get better SNR. i don’t think renoise does limiting while diskwriting… hmm… sometimes your song will clip, because of some stray sample or parts when many instruments play. i won’t strictly allow it not to clip at all in that case.

Maybe you did a bad mix… If you have tracks with monster peaks, the global volume of your music will be very low and normalization won’t help so much. You could use an ultramaximizer but with a bad mix you’ll destroy dynamics…
Use EQs, compressors, limiters etc… to “control” peaks and to make a well balanced mix, then go to the mastering operations and try to push the global loudness up to the limit…