Wav Rendering Question

Hi there,

Im currently running 1.281 demo, so I dont know the full details of the wav renderer.

If I read it correctly, then renoise wav renderer renders the song in a kind of passive mode. You press the ‘start’ button and it goes trough your song patterns and silently renders your song to a wav file.

But is there also a mode in which the wav renderer capture changes that your doing realtime while playing your song?
I ask this since I use renoise in the same way as Ableton Live works.
Thus, I create a few patterns that loop and then live ‘build’ a song by fading in/out tracks and manipulate track fx settings.


what you ask for is not available, but why do you need to render the WAV for this? you can use a MIDi controller to modify parameters in ReNoise.

True, true

But its a bit more structured than that. And instead of recording my manipulations inside patterns using eg. automation (which are then looped over and over losing the ‘live’ feeling)
I just do several live takes and pick my favorite one.

And sometimes something cool unpredicted happens when playing around with fx and I definitely want that ‘on tape’ so to speak.

I could use Ableton live for this stuff ofcourse, but you cant create any music in it and its way to expensive imo.
The most simple solution would be a renoise render option that you can activate and it will start recording whether renoise is playing or not.


There is a way how to do that what you want.
But since you don’t have registered renoise, it’s useless to tell you, well it’s not useless but one could exploit the demo-version of Renoise with that trick.

I’d recommend you check out the many “Live Input” VST effects that are out there - there are some free ones - and they basically sit in your effects chain, and render EVERYTHING that passes through them to a wav - you could stick this on your master track, for example, and record everything you’re doing to a WAV file, then import and chop it up in the sample editor to your liking!

It’s a bit of a workaround - but it’ll totally do what you want to do. There are quite a few of them out there.


Here’s one of them! - It’s free.


However, I cant find the Tape it plugin in the list in v1.281. (in previous versions it did work though)
I think the renoise people have disabled it since from this version on t,o stop the wav rendering when using the demo version.

Well, as long as it Will work in the registered version theres not really a problem with this.

So, do this type of plugin like TapeIt work in the registered version?


Absolutely - it works without issue in the registered version, which is all the more reason to spend the paltry $45! Best $45 I’ve ever spent.

Me too. :)