Wav? Rni?

What’s the difference? I got the bb4 samplepack and the rni files have wavs in them. Are there benefits to rni files? If so, how do you save your instrument into a rni?

basically, a (x)rni can consist out of multiple samples and can have volume/panning/pitch/filter envelopes.
a wav file cannot :)

Oh, ok. :blink: Well in that case how do you save a xrni file? I don’t see a save button in the sample editor tab.

  1. select the “instrument” radio button
  2. choose the folder where to save
  3. select the instrument you want to save
  4. write a name into the text edit line then press the “save” button

maybe a “Save current instrument” entry in the “File” menu would help?

That’s really too much adopted from FT2. Although it would require a modular window, it would be a nice move for new users if they could simply rightclick on the instrument and have a “Save as” option. If they wanted to save the pure sample they could rightclick on the samples of an instrument and have a “Save as” option there.

Furthermore I think the panic button should be renamed to “Save Ass”.

I’d like to be able to drag instruments/samples out of Renoise.

Cool cool cool. Thanks all. :)

+5 stars

like this one perhaps?

on next feature voting, please vote for new XRNI structure instead of sidechaining and baguette MIDI interface, and we will see what we can do :)