Wav To Mp3 Converter

Can anyone suggest a good totally free mp3 converter?

cdex version 1.51

Great program to use in conjuction with the lame encoder.



old but not bad (cdex 1.51 is 2 years old too) … in conjuction with lame …

but for a simple single wav-file conversion you can use any free or comercial wave editor that features mp3-encoding.

Lame is definitely the king of mp3 encoders.

Razorlame is my preferred interface to it, but winLame is also very nice and simple to use.

Software for other platforms which uses Lame can be found here:

I use RazorLame from wav to mp3 conversion, as already suggested (although I did recently find somebody who couldn’t listen to my tracks encoded with it for some reason.)

If you need to be doing work from CDs and the like as well I would suggest CDex, which has also already been mentioned ;)

Yes, so I can produce a song, upload to youtube and then convert to mp3?