Wave Rendering And Soundcards

Hi All,
I am thinking of a new soundcard purchase and would like to try and get an idea of the extent it is used in renoise. Basically when you render tracks or songs out of renoise does the soundcard play any part in the process? Most of the time i get my tracks mixed and mastered elsewhere so as long as the audio in/out of the sound card is not coloured to much it dosn’t really worry me. If someone could shed some light on this matter that would be fantastic.

WAV rendering does not involve soundcard at all, unless:

  • you’re using MIDI hardware synthetizers built-in into your soundcard; in such case, you should render them with a specific external application;
  • you’re using soundcard built-in effects which are controlled via VST

in all other cases, the soundcard won’t affect the resulting wave file

Thanks for the answer, it is what i expected. This makes buying a soundcard a little easier.