Waveform Draw-Errr

I’m looking for a program that I can use to draw a single cycle chip. I know that you can in the Renoise sample editor. But does anybody know of a program where I could do this mathematically rather than trying to draw by hand? My kingdom for a straight line! It seems pretty impossible to draw a nice triangle without spending a tedious amount of time staring at my computer screemn.

If you have Renoise 2.6 then you can use the incredibly useful custom waveform generator tool:

I believe this is installed/enabled by default…

Install the tool and then choose ~ Generate Custom Wave… from the popup menu in the Sample Editor.

Thanks for the question! (funnily enough I was thinking about exactly the same thing today but for a different app)

…and thanks for the reply! It looks very useful!


it cannot be said enough how fantastic (and fantastically simple) this tool is, and if it is indeed implemented in Renoise as a standard tool, that is a very good thing. i am wondering right now if the devs plan to build the really good tools in natively, or if they like them to be ‘open’ as they are now?

Renoise doesn’t come with default tools.
All tools have to be downloaded and installed explicitly.

My mistake. Must have been leftover from an earlier installation then.

ah. in that case, i will basically repeat what i said two comments up.

I think that is not feasible due to legal riscs here.
A lawyer agency has been hired to look into legal matters regarding possible claim-riscs that result from failing tools. If a tool would be able to devastate a Renoise environment and hours of work that could be considered to bring up millions of revenue, users of the tool not only must know the risc was completely their own, they also must have agreed with it before even downloading it. Currently you can only agree specifically for this on the tools-site when downloading a tool.

Another reason is that tools are not always that easily distinguishable from the native functions. There is a clear indicator when you are dealing with a tool, but that does not mean everybody may be aware of it when some of these tools would come preinstalled integrated with the Renoise installer package.
But as long as you have to download and install, you also have to look for it afterwards, in those cases there are less chances a user could confuse a third-party option with a native option.

Simply just excluding unnessesary riscs here.

@Vv: thanks for that explanation.