Waveform Draw Tool Upgrade

I use the draw tool to make unique waveforms. With some sketching and the “smooth” tool, you can approximate sines and other curvilinear waves, and you can make jagged sawtooths etc.

I think it would be useful if the tool could be upgraded slightly to include the following:

  1. a straight line tool
  2. a parabola tool
  3. maybe another shaper tool


this would help make interesting waveforms quicker.

(and maybe square wave tool, sine wave tool, cowbell tool, amen break tool and white noise tool etc…)

Suggested before but

I would be happy with Shift+Click drawing a straight line from the last mouse-up position, that’d make many wave primitives simple /as/.

+1 for this :)

Someone suggested an option to create harmonic overtones in waves recently, let me search…

ah, here: https://forum.renoise.com/t/add-harmonics-to-samples/25383

Might be cool to include too! :)

I’ve heard all kind of good ideas. +1 for any upgrade to the waveform draw tool :D

a BIG +1


There are millions of waveforms to load as samples.

So there are. And it’s also nice to be able to get started immediately from an absolutely bare-bones setup, such as when you download Renoise to use at a friend’s place.

Maybe Renoise should just include several waveform primitives (in an explicit “primitives” folder).

last time i checked, it did, have you come across the instrument folder?

Honestly I can’t remember if those were dry primitive waveforms or wet ones (i.e. with EQ or distortion), and I’m not at my home computer right now to check.

But if they’re in there then beaut. Even better if they’re at 96khz / 24-bit generated at 440hz and tuned to A.

I am still dreaming of Renoise with a built-in etch-a-sketch waveform generator!!
You have two controllers, up and sideways, and shake the screen to erase.

+1 for anything that would make drawing more precise or even measurable.
I have always really wanted a vector tool for points, straight lines and curves … exactly like the pen tool in Photoshop.

This could be really useful for envelopes and automation as well.

This is something I’ve requested a few times over the years and am still hoping we will see at some point soon.