waveform editor pause

All I`m writing is about waveform view:

move cursor to current position when sample is stopped (pause button? alt+click on stop button?)

When listening/review large samples I play whole sample (max zoom out) but then I want to stop because I found something interesting. I would like to move the cursor to where I stopped the playback. On large/huge samples this is not so easy since you need to remember where the play cursor was and 10pixels makes huge difference.

P.S. I am fairly new to renoise, maybe there are commands to set start selection and end selection while playing?
(which of course will be fine for me)

coz I’m a n00b, I didnt want to start a new topic, but since we’re in the same ball-park, I’ll put it here! Stretch Markers, ala REAPER, in the sample editor.