Waveform: equivalent between number of samples and seconds

I am building a waveform related tool.

Does anyone have an equivalence of values between the “number of samples” and “seconds”?

1 second = 441 samples?

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Depends on the sample-rate of the waveform. 44.1KHz = 44100 samples per second.

Ok, thanks!

And what does the bit depth affect when working with the points of the audio wave?

Graphically, it doesn’t matter what bit level we set, whether 16, 24 or 32. Isn’t it?

Bit-depth is the amount of resolution that the value of a sample can represent. It’ll only matter graphically if you zoom right in to look at the waveform close up.


Also interesting: 8,16,24 bit formats are integer, but 32 bit then is float. Float is scaleable in unlimited way, I think you can even later “unclip” samples which were saved with clipping but with float 32 bit. Regarding displaying, it does not make a difference I think.

The waveform editor Acoustica displays the waveform including the interpolation, so just like you really hear it.

I see. I think I already understand how to continue programming.

Thanks you for the help!

@ffx I am experimenting with this, so any related information is always helpful. I’m building a panel with options to render samples, play with the silences (add or remove sections of the wave). So I have to be very clear about what type of value I use and if I can convert it.


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