Waves CR8 - very bad performance

I’m trying to use new Waves CR8 sampler in Renoise. While plugin’s interface is open, the performance is very bad, looks like GPU related problem. Renoise interface becomes unresponsive and stuttery and latency seems to jump quite a bit too. Absolutely no problem while interface is closed.

I have i7, 750GTX Ti and 32GB, while a bit aging now, should still handle such scenario without problem. No performance issues while testing with Reaper.

Is there anything I could try to make it work better ?


Sorry to jump on thread without an answer to your question but can I ask why you choose to use CR8 in Renoise?

I love the way Renoise handles samples but I need to be able to move the start point of a sample around without destroying the original so I have to use a sampler instrument.

Just curious why you chose CR8 :smiley:

I really like sound sculpting capabilities, you could call it granular synth, the way you can automate the play-head is very cool. Also, I got it for $10 so why not ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for that response, yes that Granular feature is very cool!

It is interesting checking out the other samplers (as opposed to Renoise built in sample features) and seeing what features they offer that Renoise doesn’t.