Waves plugins not detected vst 3

That’s a big sad and irony! after trying the demo i bought the plugin and it stopped working. plugins disappeared after scanning and even reinstallation did not help.

Mac os 13.1 Renoise 3.4.2

Waves is a nightmare.

All my plugins work perfectly atm,i did nothing.I dont know why this is,for a few months at a time they work then they dont and back again.Really unreliable i never save a song with the plugins loaded now.I use them (when they are working) process whatever i need to then get rid of them and save.

Waves truly IS a nightmare, ToybOx]:. has that right. I’ve wasted far too much time and headache with their idiotic installer over the years, their “renew the plugins you already bought” system, and the failure of their stuff to work / show up as expected. About a year ago I did the best possible move: deleted all their crap and never looked back. Good riddance to trash.

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A nightmare indeed, I’ve got them working after much trouble but now can’t open Waves Central, the plugins are good some even very useful but their delivery system is crap. I am never going to waste another day trying to install them again.

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lol, why is it like this???

ALL my waves plugins show u upside down and backwards. I just don’t use them anymore…