Waves Ssl 4000

I would like to emualate the waves ssl 4000 compressor in renoise with native dsp’s.
Could it be done and how? I’m sick of the protection in waves and the dry dsp comp’s in renoise
are not as fat as the ssl or some other compressors. and I really would like to use renoise only incl fx.
Any help on this one?
I suppose there would be use of some other dsp’s and a hydra?

I’ve heard of people with licenses, getting the cracked version to circumvent the hassle, or maybe I’m confusing these plugs with another package? Anyway, I bet there are a bunch of freeware compressors emulating the ssl, maybe you have more luck asking/searching around KVR.

I did not manage yet to find a freeware that can be compared to the waves , looking for one now quite some time.
Molot seems to be the one but have to test it further . But still, how to do it with build in dsp’s?


ah yes, something helpful also then, idk what you mean with ‘fat’ but you might like this http://www.yohng.com/software/w1limit.html or http://sites.google.com/site/youwashockvst/ both free.

what about roughrider?


is free.

Thank, but I find roughrider not a nice compressor soundwise.

ReWire to other DAW or try Duende?

You can try to use a signal follower to track the low pitched percussion and link that to the ratio of a bus compressor to make it compress more during the kick which gives a nice round punch similar to 90s hip hop… But I doubt you’ll get the same result as with high end vsts.

Just buy this beauty and be amazed …it’s top notch ( developer behind dcam synth squad )

Could you give me some more advice on this? The signal follower seems not able to recognize the buss compressor ,
I used the build in renoise dsp’s .

gentleclockdivider I tried the glue demo , it is a nice compressor , it does have other controlrates than the waves.
I tried to make similar settings in waves and the glue and they seem to sound very different that way , how can
I achieve the sound to be more similar?

Well ’ the glue ’ has some extra parameters over the original one , for example a compression range setting , also a verry short 0.1 ms attack time .( this is usefull for limiting )
Anyways I haven’t tried the waves ssl comp , but everybody on gearslutz is raving about the glue and how closeit is to the original .,in contrast to the waves
Just set the glue to a fairly low attack rate and set the compression range to full , as this parameter is not available on the original compressor .

Try and send me a simple drum pattern with two tracks, one dry and one with a render of the same track with Ssl compression as you like it and I will try to replicate the effect as good as I can with the native effects and send you the .xrns