Waves Tune With Steering Separate Melody Track

Hi everybody,

After I’ve read the respective parts of both the Renoise and the Waves Tune manual I’ll ask you for help.

What I’m trying to do is basically pretty easy, I think. I want to use Waves Tune, pretty much an Auto-Tune- or Melodyne-type voice melody correction effect (VST). The thing is, I don’t just want Waves Tune to automatically adapt according to whatever it thinks is best, but I want to feed it a separate (MIDI) melody track that’ll set the notes Waves Tune is supposed to pitch the voice to.

So I would think I need to set up one track in Renoise that plays the sample, and add the Waves Tune effect as a DSP. That’s pretty clear.

But everything after that becomes hazy to me. For a while I tried solving this via ReWire (something that I’ve never done before, by the way) but somehow I wonder whether this is even necessary. All that it should take is one track for audio feed and one for the steering melody. I’ve tried to find something like an Effect Automation module but all Renoise has is an Instrument Automation one that I don’t seem to be able to use for an effect.

Question is, how do I set up a track for the steering melody?

I’d greatly appreciate your help.

Hi Pööt!

It’s quite easy actually:

  1. load Waves Tune VSTfx to the track where the source sample is being triggered
  2. open its GUI
  3. click the “Receive MIDI” button (placed right above the vertically aligned virtual piano keys)
  4. in renoise’s instrument selector (upper right corner of renoise’s GUI), select an empty slot
  5. go to “Instrument Settings”, “Plugin”
  6. open the instrument list via the pull down menu, just like you wanted to load a VSTi
  7. under “VST FX alias”, select the “Waves Tune” entry
  8. switch to an empty track and insert the notes you want to feed Waves Tune with.
  9. success

If there was a word to say

“Now I understand what the FX alias is good for”,
“Thank you so much”,
“You rock”, and
“Am I gonna see you again at Evoke”

then I’d use it right now.

But there is no such word so I’ll just say the above-mentioned things.


Danke danke danke!

always a pleasure to help handsome guys like you ;)

any chance you’re gonna share your newest renoise achievements in the songforum here or at least via PM with me ? :D

You bet. I’m working on this year’s Buenzli themesong. :)