Waves Ultrapitch Problem

If use Waves Ultrapitch, there seems to be a PDC related problem, is this a bug in Ultrapitch or Renoise?

I think you need to give more info.

I happen to use Edirol Orchetral as well.

If PDC is on:
Waves Ultrapitch is applied on Bass. It’s applied on that one track only, but seems to add delay/latency to the whole song - this is not a problem for me as everything is still in sync, except Edirol Orchestral where it plays around 150ms before everything else (Edirol Orchestral plays as soon as I hit play, which comes before everything else because as explained above Waves Ultrapitch added that delay/latency to the whole song). Other VSTi’s that are playing at the same time don’t have this problem

If PDC is off:
Waves Ultrapitch is applied on Bass. Everything plays as soon as I hit play, except Bass which has a around 150ms delay on it.

As you can see, either way I can’t get either the bass, or the Edirol Orchestral to sync.

The same results occur upon rendering to file as well.

What if you toggle the static buffering setting for the Waves plugin?

^ It makes no difference, still the same problem as described, whether PDC if on or off.