Waves V12 plugins displayed upside down with 3.3.0 on macOS 11.1 Big Sur

When I try instantiating a Waves V12 plugin in Renoise 3.3.0, the display is shown upside down as shown in this image.


Which Window Manager and Operating System is that?
I’m not able to reproduce this using regular Windows 10.


Also suspect in the screenshot you posted is that the Listbox dropdown
is showing the pre-set un-flppped, im sure its the same type of Widget
the rest of the GUI uses… probably TCL a derivitive… so it may be a clue.


I am running macOS 11.1 Big Sur.
Are you updated to Waves V12?

Nod, good question, my Waves version is V12.0.11 | 2020 and oVox is 12.0.0.

Have you updated your Waves software in Waves Central to the latest bugfix release?

Yep, both the Waves Central and oVox are up to date according to Waves Central.
Wonder if it is related to the ‘big sur’, idk… does it happen if you open oVox outside of Renoise?

Same issue is exist. The problem isn’t “Big sur” but macOS & Waves, I think.

I shouldn’t laugh with it , but it’s kinda funny

Still bugs me that only some GUI Widgets are upside down.

What occurrs to me is, since most “Canvas” widgets, like
Zinc for example, utilize OpenGL to provide transparency
and other features, wonder if un&re-installing or updatng
OpenGL could provide some relief.