Waveshell not detected past 3.2

I’ve noticed that If I use any version of Renoise past 3.2 (i.e. 3.3, 3.4), the software doesn’t see the Waves plugins at all.

Steps to reproduce - open Renoise 3.3+ and look in the VST effects list.

Expected results - A “Waves” subcategory with all Waves VST effects listed within

Actual results - All plugins except Waves plugins

Basically, Renoise 3.3, and onward, does not ever register that Waves is there, but 3.2 recognizes all waves plugins up to the most current version (V14).

No Problems here in Renoise 3.4.2


What os are you running?

Nevermind … somehow the issue just resolved itself. I made no change and today when I opened up Renoise, everything was there.

I’m gonna wait a couple of days to see if anything changes before I delete this topic.