just an idea to implement wavetable

it would be cool to have a crossfader between fx chain

then you can asssign lfo to this crossfader

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Which do you want ?

Wavetable support or a crossfader on the FX chain ?

a crossfader between fx chain would make it possible to morph between two waveform on different fx chain

There is a way to crossfade between different waveforms currently, is this the sort of thing you had in mind?https://forum.renoise.com/t/waveform-crossfading/44650

You can allready do this , what you are describing is just vectorwave synthesis ,iow interpolating/crossfading between waves based on amplitude values .

I uploaded a 4 wave interpolation instrument

Actual wavetable synthesis ( think waldorf xt,ppg) interpolates between waves based on their spectral content , an algoritm calculates the missing spectral data ( additive ) , something renoise is NOT capable of , renoise needs more muscle in the dsp/synth department .

here you go