Wavetables in renoise

hey all, just thought I’d share this technique for making rudimentary crossfading wavetables natively in renoise.

Pretty simple idea. Multiple modulation sets with stepper devices set to a step value of 0, custom crossfade curves, stepper reset tied to a macro. This example has four waves in the table, but the principle can be extended if you want more “frames.” Obviously, crossfading is a fairly primitive form of wave morphing, but it works, and can sound pretty decent, at least in my opinion :upside_down_face:

here’s a very simple example of the principle:
basic shapes wavetable.xrni (5.8 KB)

the main downside of this method being that if you wish to further sculpt the modulation of the sound in a consistent way across waveforms, each modulation device must be copied and pasted across modulation sets. so it’s a little tedious. But, the upside being that you can have entirely different modulation behavior between different wave frames, which can make for some very interesting sounds. Fun to stack multiple waveforms in each set, too… as usual, sky’s the limit :parachute: …er… I mean, 12 simultaneous samples is the limit