Way Of The Snail

It’s a fun challenge, because in general we’re not used to such slow bpm’s, aren’t we?

IDM - way of the snail

I’m In

this sounds funny, i give it a try :)

Nice to see it made it to this forum, I’m one of the “fathers” of this idea.
By the way, Renoise goes only to 32 BPM, so you’ll have to work at 40 BPM and halve the speed…

i’m on that!!!

Seen some of the submissions for this. It’s rather interesting. But I’m not interested in working in that tempo.

so 256 LPB is not allowed then? haha

This might be interesting… I think I’ll try to make something… :)

20 Bananas Per Monkey

such a story…

My entry:

Under Cover of Mystery

I’m afraid you’re to late, mate
voting is already begun: way of the snail


damn i missed this