Way To Change The Bpm In The Middle Of The Song..

I know the f0xx command changes the tempo, but that seems to change the tempo of the entire song. I have a 200 BPM track and I want to make a certain point 240 BPM, then go back to being 200 BPM.

It changes the tempo at the point in the song you put it. There is a readahead setting for Renoise that was introduced to help with automations that start later in the track so you probably need to put a F0xx for the start tempo right at the beginning of the song as well, otherwise maybe it is reading forwards to your 240BPM command and therefore starting at that.

Yes if you set the tempo anywhere in the song, you have to take care that you set the initial tempo at the start of the song as well else Renoise will take the first encountered command as entry.

So does that mean at the first note I set the f0xx command as the bpm of the song I set? That makes sense if its true.

Yep. Well in fact it would read forwards to the first time it is changed with a F0xx command as far as I understand but it obviously makes most sense and looks neatest to have it at the start of the first pattern.

Terminal 42… I enjoyed your “how to make speedcore in renoise” video on youtube :D :D

Alright thanks for the help guys!

And thanks charly :P