Way to set all samples in an instrument to continue at once?

I used the plugin grabber and there’s 41 samples or so and I want to set them all to continue. The samples are really short and don’t loop and I want them to stop playing every time I hit a new note, it makes it sound unnatural, which of course setting to continue does this. But 41 individual samples, god, that’s some tedious shit. I’ll do it though! I’ll do it, but for future reference is there a quicker way?

Right-click in the sample list and choose “Select All”.

Alternatively, give the sample list keyboard focus by middle-clicking or Alt+clicking it, then press CTRL+A.

Once all samples are selected, you can quickly make your desired changes.

Aha! I thought I had tried shift selecting, but I think I was using arrow keys instead of the mouse (which only effects the pattern) but I think I had a small lapse of brain activity and thought that meant you couldn’t multi-select samples. Thanks.

That’s understandable, you couldn’t for 2.7.1 renoise versions :P

Gonna recycle the thread for another quick simple question, I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m trying to fade up in the volume column by entering a high value and interpolating. I’ve done it before, in this same song in this same track, but now the values I’m inputting are all grey, and thus it will not interpolate. (Took me a while to figure out that the values were grey and that was the reason, I was reallllly losing my mind for a bit there.) What am I overlooking here? I have no idea what causes a grey volume value.

I don’t know what a grey volume value would be. Anyways, for the interpolations to work you always need to have a value on both ends, a high and a low.