Way too high version requirements

My quite new ipad with ios 14.6 just was kicked out this forum, “browser too old”. I think you are slightly exaggerating the requirements. Or is this specified by the forums hoster? I can’t see any technical reason why even a 10 year old system shouldn’t be able to render this forum…?

Apple sucks. Buy Windows, very simple. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seems to be due to recent forum software ‘upgrade’.
It’s not just renoise forums and affects secure browsers.
You can block browser-detect.js from loading to fix it.

I’m using ublock origin to block it (without the quotes): “browser-detect$domain=renoise.com


Thanks, though on ios Safari is always the browser, and it does not support ublock origin. Will wait for ios 17 then, it hopefully forces Apple to provide sideloading, then running Firefox shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Hi, this was fixed, but since yesterday or so, all my ios devices can’t access this forum again… Is it possible to lower the requirements again?

Yes. Same with Android.

…So, can you fix it, maybe permanently? This forum does not require the very latest canvas 3d graphics or 2023 html6 features…


I first thought you’re linking to Him

This is so annoying, why is the discourse software producer making such nonsense requirements? iOS 14 works fine, updating an older machine makes no sense, it will just be slower then. As soon as sideloading really comes to iOS, I will consider updating again, but not before. Do not need any of those “features”.

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Wow you can’t even contact the discourse developers, emails will be actively ignored. What a annoying forum system company is this. Can’t believe it.

Have you tried Firefox and Firefox focus? I haven’t update ios since 15.5, but I never get these messages.

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