Wayland + Renoise, keyboard input not working

Hi all, I’ve happily been running Renoise on Linux for a good while now. It’s been running fine on KDE with X11 , but recently I’ve switched to Wayland (better performance for some multimedia things, not Renoise related).

Since then, keyboard input doesn’t work at all (it’s as if Renoise doesn’t register the key presses at all). Does this sound familiar to anyone, and/or does anyone know of a fix for this?


Hi, I had similar problem with i3 wm. Just had to uncheck Preferences → Keys → Global keyboard options → Override window manager shortcuts. Hope that helps.

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That fixed the problem I just ran into: it would respond to the first keypress after switching focus back to Renoise, but none after that.

OMG this has been driving me crazy I almost switch distros but I knew that wouldn’t help, MANY THANKS!!!

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