We Must Die

yes , fuckalong make children ( on every continent) philosophy about it , make enough money’ ,become a free macon , relive your childhood as an adult ( easy on the drugs=) ), Love your elder, be aware we’re just a tinny part of some analogue juicy full roudness called multiverse
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which is the reason we can’t actually die?

Dunno, but yesterday was the first spring-like day here, and when walking about with some skeewiff I distinctively felt connected with everyone and everything. I knew it was just in my head, and it’s easy to feel that way when you’re in the sunshine and everything is great and suffering seems unimaginable. But at the same that felt* as serene and clear as it always does, and compared that the cutting up of life into “mine” and “yours” clearly IS a dream, besides there being NO scientific evidence for it ;)

So just in time for Easter I wonder, “death, where is thy sting?!”

  • (I don’t even care what you could tell me about brain chemicals… because while that may be true, my conclusion is that those chemicals are lacking in our daily life, and attaining enlightement would not be anything special and not a bonus, but simply curing the sickness, the deadly lack of those brain chemicals)