We Need A Native Dry/Wet Device

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BitArts, I hate to pick you out but,
this is where it all seems to have gone wrong.

The idea & suggestions subforum is for as the title states, you are going against the natural flow of the design.

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I think you need to learn what the ego is and what egotistical means. In no does it mean you can not give anything but it can mean, that upon an action of giving something you expect a certain response. This exactly fitted your actions, whereupon, feeling that you didn’t get the required response needed to polish your ego you then had to fully change your modus operandi to get as much attention as possible, further succumbing to your ego.

Then you go and accuse me of copyright infringement, when in fact I stated I wouldn’t do something without your permission, yet failed to actually reply to the offer even though there was very obvious, although indirect, request for your permission for or against.

Also see you completely ignore the points that the device does make complete sense and you were talking nonsense throughout most your replies in this thread.

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Not sure if I like the idea or not myself but I can see how it would be advantageous to other people. Thing I find most weird is that you would have to load a DSP inside it. Either that or add this encapsulation layer to every DSP loaded every time. But at the same time it is neater than the current solution of using sends, what may turn into many, many, many sends if you want to wet/dry mix/adjust a few DSPs in the same chain.

A more modular approach to everything is always going to be advantageous and preferable but something many of us have gone beyond wishing for in the more immediate future (although hopefully eventually) so solutions that fit in with the current way of working, at least to some extent, with often get suggested as a hopefully more easy and thus more likely to be implemented manner (or so is hoped.)

I wont pick apart the first part although I could do. Shouldn’t of let myself get pulled in personal in the first place and I apologise for doing so.

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Double post. Work internet connection being VERY flaky!

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No, it’s exactly that.
He only retracted because of your vigilance toward the subject.

It’s exactly why the other alpha males are on you now.

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Just googled you, and didn’t realize how long you’ve been tracking, respect. It really shows in your work too, very refined.

However, I can tell you’ve probably been at the source of many a flame war.
So I know you know the old adage of sarcasm being the lowest form of wit. That being always highly incendiary. :unsure:

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so isn’t the solution to all of this “proper routing”? every effect has inputs and outputs. a dsp chain like we have them now would be daisy chained, and if you want you can switch to a more advanced view and route stuff to your hearts content, as long as left to right order is maintained. no more sends, just tracks.

obviously I have no idea how feasible it is to so radically change the architecture, or how much work it would take to make that usable GUI wise… but this feels less like duct tape if you catch my drift.

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Man I know what I’ve read about the oldschool tracking scene. You guys use to fight and argue over extraordinarily petty things, many of you guys were tremendously self absorbed assholes, and ruined what you had by being extremely aggro to each other, as much as you possibly could.
Honestly, am I wrong?

And while pretty much everyone here is self-absorbed and can be assholes sometimes, we do try to be nice to each other most of the time I think. As we do know that’s what keeps this shit going.
I’m sure Taktik doesn’t want to come to the forums only to see a bunch of users in heated arguements, just for the sake of taking out their aggresion on others.

I enjoy those files you posted, I didn’t know they were copyrighted but man you went from hero to villain in just like a couple hours, it’s like you are looking at all the wrong things.

I’m just trying to reason with you.

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I googled you once.

Yeah man, you are gonna get banned, you are taking aggression out on me after I asked you a couple questions with good intent. I was trying to figure out just what your problem is. Hidden rage man it’s a killer. You should seek help.

Now we all know to ignore you.


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It’s a pity you misinterpreted my “no” wrong, as a “no to what you said”, instead of a “no to what you said as a ‘solution’ to what was proposed”.

I am NOT sorry that I react to this kind of bossish attitude with extreme stubborness. You’re so bent on thinking everyone is below you, you don’t even take the time to think a playful reply (which you then call childish, as opposed to what you’re pulling off here lol?) might have more merit than initially occurs to you. when that is explained, you just cover your ears and go la-la, or rather, “fuck you”. YOUR LOSS.

and at that point I think “okay, he doesn’t have good intentions and he doesn’t have ammo, let’s practice”. that is a shitty attitude towards the forum, I cannot deny that. but personally, I don’t lose sleep over not rolling over to some random guy thinking he’s the shit. if I didn’t think that would be bullyish to the max, I would do it with private messages. instead I decided to fire sharp, short bursts. trust me, I tried the whole writing a book thing, and that was much worse ^^

there was one thing I feel was uncalled for, the last statement in this post. I was venting actually, and indirectly calling you a a pouting little bitch wasn’t called for or fair. however, you then go ahead and prove me right and I think wtf, why can’t you play your cards right and teach ME a lesson? I could use one, you know? it’s not like I don’t sometimes go on peoples nuts… but you make me seem like a grown up pacifist, which is a feat.

and no, I don’t think this is entirely fair, in a way I wish I could back you up somehow. I don’t think you hurt anyone or damaged anything.

yes, you have a big ego, but I can not blame anyone for that without being a fucking hypocrite… and also not for misunderstanding things and finding it hard to back down. you’re painting yourself into a corner man, take this from someone who knows. when you are so generous with general insults, for whatever reason, and have such a weak position, people will pile on you. I’m not saying it’s better to diss individuals like I did, but if you basically call us all “freaks” and keep that tone up, what do you expect? because you made a 303 and explained a bunch of parameters we cannot afford to lose your ass? the internet as a whole reacts much more stubbornly and much more proudly to that than even me.

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AHHH!!! thanks, I didn’t expect that and I think it’s wonderful. and sorry to you, too, it’s not like I was being overly diplomatic myself…

sorry, but I know of no other way to celebrate:

can has peace plz. :)

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BitArts is a really nasty person.

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(Moonriders: thats neither cool, nor funny)

written by suck my ass


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oh noes.

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I can’t believe someone would call themselves that.

He must be a real dick. :lol:

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Best thing is, I already killed my another account for unknown reasons.

So far I’ve seen the file on rapidshare, filefront and mediafire, soon to be indexed by google.

Mediafire was the first place I found it. It was like magic.

Suck My Ass, is gonna be a net sensation.

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Is that you Lili?

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I feel helpless. I’m thinking animated .gifs. Don’t make me!