We need more mappings in Phrases and other stuff in the sampler etc

More mappings in general

Mapping on sampling start and end

Custom scaling and external editor on the hydra

FREE running LFO´s :slightly_smiling_face:

Individual Large window for FX chains

And maybe somekind of native synth modular coding environment like max, pd, reaktor to build your own stuff, yes, effects, synthesizers, function generators

pitch detector

meta mixer with 8 inputs?

and good old : trigger samples with LFO´s or anything else (signal follower)

mapping on scales

mapping on record start/stop

mapping on track delay as part of the mixer


and a way to send stuff out from the roofer

and also, send lfo´s out from sample effects


Yep! +1

while we are requesting into the void about sending stuff, I want signal follower and key tracker out of sample effects too. For example, I would like to put kick and snare hits in a break instrument onto an effect lane that sends key track side chaining out of the instrument. as it stands now it is much more difficult to sidechain specific slices in an instrument.

That would be cool, and I’m all for a better implementation of this. And, you can kind of do this already using the key tracker. Just select the specific sample you wish to have as a trigger and use multiple key trackers for multiple triggers. Or you can use a silent dummy sample as a trigger and just use a separate note column for the trigger. I show the general method here: Flexible, powerful SIDECHAIN COMPRESSION in RENOISE... a NEW method - YouTube

Yes I actually use and take inspiration from your method. very helpful thank you. I just wish I didn’t have to clone the key tracker for each note I want to sidechain. I may end up just duplicating the break and using a sidechained one when I want sidechaining

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Cool. Yes, that’s the advantage of the dummy trigger method. No need to duplicate the key tracker, just place the trigger events in their own note column wherever you wish the sidechain (or whatever other effect manipulation) to occur. The tradeoff there being you need a separate note column. But once you have the dummy trigger sample in your instruments, you can use that same trigger across as many tracks/instruments/fx as you want

In any case it would be great to have a real, integrated workflow upgrade for some of these fairly basic functions

I have also considered just sending specific sample slices to a separate track that has the effects/signal follower side chain on it. then I don’t need to program a separate hit, i just need a dummy track

Right on, yeah there’s usually more than one way to skin a cat!


I use ghost notes (there is a good video on YT Renoise channel explaining this) in case I need freerunning LFO. But yeah we need a checkbox for free running modulations. And one more thing i miss - Modulated sample start and loop points (with free running lfos, adsr and other))


+1 for pretty much all these requests.

Renoise sampler is awesome, but it surely needs more modulation destinations! It’s simple stuff that changes a lot creatively, really.