We need proper 'dry' in modulation filters

I think there are some problems with the modulation filters, the most critical is that i can’t use for instance the comb filter and at the same time get a dry sounding sample even with all the sliders at 0. I have at many occations found that the filters destroys the sound when sliders are all the way down. Filter should in my opinion have been inactive at this setting, giving me a dry sound of the sample, but it’s definately not.

This doesn’t apply to the wave shape (ringmod) filters, except from when the drive is on, which takes me to the second issue. Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense that the drive would come before the dry/wet slider? I mean, i expect a dry signal if dry/wet is all the way down, even if drive is on. I know, the drive slider comes after the dry/wet slider, but i still think i’d prefer to have the drive cross fade out with the dry/wet slider.

The decimator doesn’t really appeal to me very much, it doesn’t sound half as good as the lofimat imo and i also find it a bit strange that you have to slide the BitDepth up to decrease the so called bit depth. I think it’s a shame, had it sounded more like the lofimat and with a proper dry/wet slider i’d probably use it a lot.

The resonance/feedback/dry/wet… slider is a bit difficult to understand which way does what, like the decimator this slider goes the opposite way of what would be the most intuitive way and the band filters are pretty mysterious. I would love to see some kind of visual indication of which direction does what, maybe in a form of a graphical tooltip?