We Need Your Renoise Color Themes!

Hmmz… I hate to say it but…

www.dopedesign.com not found?

And it’s not the first time i encounter your site does not work…
So if you’re paying for that domain… I would spank some monkeys at your Hosting provider.

Hmm… that is definitely quite strange. I don’t really get any other reports of people not being able to reach the site. Maybe occasionally when the intarweb is acting funny, but generally things are ok. It’s a dedicated server hosted at with www.tilted.com (based in Chicago, USA), so it’s “pretty damn good” :D . (definitely not some cheap-o shared hosting crap).

Have you EVER been able to get to the site?

Owh… “Tilted”.com… it says enough…

The response from your site as well as tilded.com is equivalent to the message on Pinball machines when they say “TILT” (You can do a lot of things with the pinball machine in that case, except playing pinball)

I’ve tried through the proxy of my employer, but it was as lazy as my own ISP to look any further.

That your host is not cheap does not guarantee it’s as good as you are paying for.

Regards :D

Well, they’re a very professional and large company, and well-respected in the hosting world to the best of my knowledge. A lot of people host a lot of very big/important international sites with them.

They are based in Chicago though as I said. I myself am in the UK (long story why I use a US host, I won’t go into it here), and very occasionally I do have small problems accessing the site, but it usually clears up again quite quickly. Just general internet congestion maybe, or some kind of weird problem with the link from America to Europe perhaps. But it’s never any kind of permanent problem for me.

It must be some kind of weird routing issue. Perhaps somebody once did something naughty from an IP similar to yours, or in the same block, and Tilted has put some kind of ban there?

Either way, I would like to get it cleared up. Maybe you could email me your IP address, then I can submit a tech support request to them and try to figure out why you can’t get to the server? It could be something really simple for them to fix, who knows.

kieran [a t] dopedesign [d o t] com

Or if your mailserver can’t get through either, hehe, you can find me on IRC on EFNet in #dopedesign if you prefer.

Ironically, the images you linked to didn’t work for me :P

Sorry, I meant the 1.281 original scheme. With black-on-white i did not exactly mean the colours but the look-like (dark characters on light background). In the latest color-shemes it is always the other way round.

hehe, ok… well I’m a little bit confused about exactly which one you’re referring to now, but if you can provide me with a screenshot I can probably create a 1.5 theme for you (or as close as it is possible to get to it).

Sound good?

Would be great. :)
A screenshot can be found here:

Wow. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen that theme before. It was a default theme once? hehe.

Should be pretty simple to rebuild though. I’ll get started! :P

Obviously some things have changed in 1.5 so it’s not 100% identical, but I think it’s pretty close :P
(and you can always finetune anything that isn’t quite the way you like it)

Hope you enjoy it.



Wow, great!!! Thanx a lot! :)

Made a couple of new themes today and another new texture set.



Texture set:

Enjoy :P

can you make the skins 1.5 beta 3 compatible? The directory name in now skin instead of skins in beta 2. see for yourself…


Yeah, I noticed that quite early. I would assume that with a texture loaded, each time you move a slider Renoise has to re-process / re-render that texture in memory, and depending on the size of the texture itself it can take a little moment. Kinda like changing an image in Photoshop I guess.

hmm… as far as I know, the directory has always been named “Skin”. I checked all the versions of Renoise I’ve got installed (1.281 - 1.5beta3) and it’s “Skin” for all of them.

I just noticed that there’s a new .bmp used by beta3 for the textures; “FaderBarTexture.bmp”, but you should still be able to use my texture sets in beta3. Renoise will just use its default .bmp for the missing texture file and will load all the other stuff. When I get a moment I will update my texture sets to include this extra file though.

The theme .xml files should also work in beta3. I’ve tested them and they all seem to look fine.

Perhaps it’s still using a “blank texture” texture in memory which has to be adjusted to the new colour? heh. Or maybe there’s still a slight lag from filling that large area with colour? It’s difficult to say without knowing exactly how the graphics/GUI system works.

I’ve compared beta2 and beta3 when changing the colours, and they seem to be identical in the time they take to move the colours sliders.

Either way, not a huge problem at the end of the day, heh. Once you’ve setup your colours and stuff, everything moves nice and fast after that. :P

Isn’t it great when we all sit here trying to figure out the magic behind Renoise? haha… All of us with different little theories and everything.

I imagine the devs reading the posts, thinking to themselves “IF ONLY THEY KNEW THE TRUE EVIL!! MUAUEHAHEHAEHEAaehhaehe…”.

:yeah: :w00t:

/me needs some morning RedBull

dblue: sorry, you’re right. The themes are just fine. It’s the new bmp file for the faders. But it’s nice if you can make the textures with a fader bmp file.