We Need Your Renoise Color Themes!

If you have made some colortheme settings in Renoise that the world should know of, send it to us (or me) please.

Prefered are themes that are made for 1.5, so that we could include some of the best ones in the final release and finally throw away all the ugly ones.

only color-themes or nice bg-patterns too?!

I would like to tell one thing that’s bugging me in the new GUI.
The Preset buttons (with the 1,2,3,4) in the disk-op menu are quickly looking smudgie because of the little stripes behind them having the same colors.

only number 1 isn’t so nice …

what I don’t like is the glowing fx behind the number-fields … it looks interesting, but not so good - without this fx number fields are more clearer to read… but it’s a theme for ideas&suggestions

Slightly offtopic, but how about collecting people’s keyboard mappings?


or underwears?

Send all you have! :)

j/k? :D

but what about adding that impulse tracker skin + impulse tracker key-config one can find on these boards (couldn’t find the thread right now).

Currently the only theme I use is celsius-1950 because all the rest is simply horrendous (sorry to those who designed them). None of the colours match, and those that kind of do certainly don’t to my taste. It’s going to take me a good while to come up with my own colour scheme though so perhaps in further future versions…



You can post them here:

Your uploads may be up to 512KB per file and if they are larger, then you shall have to link them off-site.
You can even supply a screenshot.

If the skins are cool enough, we’ll put them hardcore on the site and change the link.

Is there a possibility to import the Renoise 1.281 default color-sheme to the new Renoise 1.5b1?

Which white borderlines? Those of the application-frame when Renoise is in Windowed mode or somewhere else?

Hmm… I don’t have anything white in my renoise ;)

Here are a few themes I did tonight for v1.5 beta2.

I started off with the “light grey yellow” theme, which was inspired by the colours of my favourite WinAmp skin (Sumea-Amp v2 Yellow). Then I did a slight colour variation with the green version. And the third one is a much darker style for anyone who finds the bright colours to be a bit much to handle :P

I also created a new background texture set which is a simple camoflage/galvonized steel looking texture. If you don’t feel like using my textures, the “leaves” set looks quite nice, too.

Some scaled down preview images:

The .xml theme files:

The new textures: ( unzip to Renoise\Skin\Textures\dblueCamo\ )

Hope you enjoy… Maybe they can be included in a future version of Renoise if they are nice enough. I plan to make a few more during another bored late night, heh. :D

nice themes!

Made a few more today.



Enjoy ;)

The light grey yellow looks golden! Sweet, sweet, sweet! :D

That’s my new theme of choice, when I get home from my parents that is… sigh

Three more weeks. Need tracking.

You need a laptop :P

It would be great if someone could make a good old 1.28 scheme for 1.5. I am not a fan of white-on-black (it hurts somehow my eyes), but like black-on-white, like the original 1.28 scheme. Maybe there is a simple method to realize this? (Copy some files or sth. like that)

I can hardly even remember what Renoise looked like when I first checked out version 1.28.

Do you mean like this?:

Or more like the website style theme?: