Web Chat?

what about an IRC web chat directly connected to IRCnet #renoise?

this could give users a fast access to any little help and let people who don’t use IRC clients a way to discover the fascinating #renoise world :o :P

that would either need a dedicated irc, or a special line (p-line ?) to an irc server connected to ircnet.

if phazze would manage to get such a line to a particular irc server (read: bends down for a irc-op), it would be a matter of few config files and an upload.

alternatively we could use some kind of a signed java applet / webstart / sash / whatever.

hmm… we’re using jpilot java applet at our site, maybe you could as well

what’s wrong with regular IRC?

alot of people dont know what IRC is … and have never heard of mIRC or similar.

and are lazy to check it out…


I think that a Web Chat connected to IRC would give to new user a direct, “live” perception of how this community is alive and growing.

They also could ask support more directly, when it comes to little doubts like “where’s the Make Coffee button in ReNoise?”, just like some /join=>ask=>/part dudes already do on IRC :angry: :)

Once these new users have understood the great importance of IRC for their knowledge growth, they will surely switch to a “serious” IRC client.

I can survive without the WebChat anyway :o :lol:

/me burps

Well, maybe :)

link for webchat is added on Links page (Try out IRC window)