Web Surfing For Laughs

whenever i need a good laugh i just type “sucks” after every word i can think of

for instance i found this youtube channel by searching nyc sucks

edit: reply to Pixel-Licker
there’s a disclaimer at the bottom of his website stating that his brand of comedy is trademarked

Irate… Mans default and only emotion.

that was total WTFness… awesome.

lolcats, worth1000, dailywtf, urbandictionary;

or, searching on two completely unrelated words to see what comes up on Google;

or searching surnames, words and phrases you just made up like Mr Smittle Pumpsworth’s fabticious oropathy in Jelsing.

(Trying to be random really helps you define your mental limits :P)

Did you mean: Mr Smittle Pumpsworth’s fabricius aeropathy in Jelsing

No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found.

Your search - Mr Smittle Pumpsworth’s fabticious oropathy in Jelsing - did not match any documents.

yeah i’m that bored…

giant rabbit sneakers:

I use this whenever I feel bored or sad:


I like that link. That is a good link.

i think i’ll use that too when i’m bored or sad