I’ve just started renting some space on a websever, and to cover the costs I was thinking about selling 10 accounts with 100mb space and 5gb transfer at $3 (US) a month, $2 a month if payed for a year in advance. Unlimited databases, e-mail accounts, subdomains and so on. Supports PHP4, MySQL and cgi. Domains can be connected, but are not included (a subdomain of esekvens.net is included and you can have as many subdomains on this subdomain as you want).

If anyone is interested please e-mail me ( stian@konspirasjon.net ) or make contact on msn (My id is msn@elektronisk.com ).

I’m sorry for the spam, but I hope it’s tolerated since I am not trying to make a profit.

I am sorry, this was supposed to be posted in the Off topic forum :confused:

as long its music related, i have no problem with it. i assume you plan to let the ppl host their productions for download there ? just out of curiosity, how much does a gigabyte traffic cost ?

Yeah, that was what I was hoping to do, help out fellow producers. Compressed with ogg you can have quite a few songs on 100mb.

My provider charges 50 cents (US) for each additional GB of transfer, and they are nice enough to not charge unless it’s a full GB, seeing as I’m not going for profit, I wouldn’t be adding anything on top of those 50 cents. Also, I do have 120gb of transfer each month, 50 of them allocted to the 10 accounts, so unless I for some reason use up the remaining 70GB (which I won’t, my last host gave me 5gb, which I didn’t come close to using up) it’s very possible to get additional GB’s for free :)

The $3 a month thing puts me $1 in profit. The reason I wanted to do that was to give me some leway incase people decide to cancel their accounts/late on payments. The only way I can accept payments is through PayPal.

Any questions, suggestions and so on, please post :)

sounds fair to me.

Good :)

Oh, and accounts come with a kick-ass control panel ;=)

To demo the control panel go to http://esekvens.net:2082 and edemo as username and password.

Noone interested?

I decided to add 100 mb’s extra to the accounts, so now they are 200 MB large :) There are still accounts available so do make contact if you are interested. The controlpanel demo is available after beeing down (mind that the demo is of version 6, what will be available soon on accounts is version 8 of cPanel).