Weird beginnings of files in render to disk in Renoise 3.2.1

In 3.2.1 I’ve noticed that sometimes when I render to disk, the .wav file has a weird beginning, like some instruments playing that should not be there. When I render to disk again straight away after a failed one, the rendering might be fine. Anyone else had this happen? Happens quite randomly, haven’t found a way to reproduce.

I’ve had this problem for years (all 3 lol) and it happens always with the first note.

I get around it by having sequence 0 being just one note plus the duration needed for a ring out. If I’m using any Valhalla stuff, I make sure its used as well, because it has a weird chirp too.

It is most likely a still filled delay buffer of some plugin. Renoise midi/audio reset sometimes helps here, but not always. For Valhalla plugins: Disable auto suspend. Then let the delay die away, before rendering. You also could set an automation point of the feedback of the delay to 0, at the beginning of the song.

just to be sure (+ handy when post processing reversed reverbs etc in an audio editor like wavelab) I always add a few empty dummy patterns in the beginning of every song file . This will probably take care of any residue audio you’re encountering as well?

Hmm, I’ve used Renoise for years and I’ve had weird bleeps sometimes when tracking and the render completed plays a weird sound with a selected instrument, but I’ve never had any trouble with the actual rendered wave file until now. It happens so often that It’s starting to annoy me.

Edit: Oh yea, and I’ve also had several completely empty renders