Weird behavior when trying to record Midi from a Plugin


I’m trying to record the MIDI-Output from a plugin sequencer called “HYSEQ-16x8”. I have two ways of setting it up. In both instances I send the MIDI-data from the plugin to an instrument which has the IAC Driver assigned as its midi output, in order to record it into the sequencer. Now the problem is that it just doesn’t record it properly, it’s not well timed and the notes/gatings etc. seem all over the place. In some circumstances the notes are even transposed like 12 semitones down. :blink:

I’ve tried the same thing in Reaper. Put the FX on the channel, set the output to “Record: output (MIDI)” and then set the device to IAC Driver again. Then I arm the track and just record while the sequence is running and it immediately records a perfectly timed copy of the sequence as a MIDI-file. Why doesn’t this work in Renoise?

Currently the only way I circumvent this is either by rendering the sequences (which can be useful sometimes, but not always), or rewiring Reaper (which I’m not a big fan of).

Anyways, does somebody know the solution to this? I’d love to hear it. Thanks in advance!!


I am not familiar with diac driver;

I don’t think it’s currently possible to record the (midi) output of midiplugin in renoise .

At least not the way reaper does .