Weird Bugs In Microsoft Products

I just received an email from a friend that introduces some weird bugs in Windows and Office Word. No source or date was mentioned in the email so some of you might have been heard about these already, but I found them interesting, so I copy the email as it is here. Check them out, they’re really weird!

CON stands for CONsole and it is a dos device. You can do stuff like type blah.txt > CON, if you could create files like that it would be impossible to know whether you meant CON the device or CON the file.

Third one is actually macro in MS word, and officially a feature. One that nobody really uses other than for fooling people. :P

The bush hid the facts thing is actually a bug with encoding detection.

But try typing: about:mozilla in firefox address bar. This is undocumented feature which displays you the book of mozilla.

Thanks for your descriptive reply Suva. Very inetersting. :)

Nice! :yeah:

Ah, that’s good stuff to tease your friends with.

In order to go full circle, putting the words about:mozilla into the Internet Explorer address bar would display a - harmless - blue screen (of death?). Apparently, it was an insider joke from Microsoft that got removed with service pack 2. However, using MSIE, the page is still possible to reach by typing res://mshtml.dll/about.moz

And what does this blue screen imply?

Well, it’s a joke but not a good joke. I am guessing that it’s a reference to the (then) unstable mozilla browser, since reborn as Firefox. The color blue is probably meant to invoke thoughts of BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), which should be a familiar ‘feature’ to most windows users…hilarious stuff, eh? :rolleyes:
This kind of self-referencing humor is probably very popular among MS employees.

The mozilla joke is indeed not a good joke. There are lots of mysterious Microsoft sisutations which are not so mysterious at all, but if you ask a generci Microsoft Salesman to answer such questions when these situations are thrown in front of his head, i’m sure he can’t answer because his technical background does not go that deep.
So when things are said like “Microsoft cannot even explain” it depends on who was the spokesperson because the spokesperson usually cannot answer such questions.

Most technical folks can answer such questions.

from wiki:

  1. I had no issues creating a CON folder in windows
  2. This is the result of a flawed unicode detection routine
  3. It’s a me, Macro!