Weird Problem During Loop Start Dragging.


I want a sample to be looped so I go to the sample editor, select the sample I want to have looped and click set loop start.
The two yellow lines apear and I press the key of that sample (‘z’ in this case)
The whole sample starts to loop and I start dragging the ‘loop start’ line towards the right, now heres the problem.

Normally the loop automatictly changes to a faster one (and the pitch goes a bit up)
Now, I drag the line but renoise keeps looping the whole sample instead of following the loop start line wich Im dragging with my mouse…

Does anybody know what causes this? Its pretty anoying…


Hmm? I cannot reproduce this behavior.

Sorry if I’m wrong;
The very first action of sample in Renoise always starts from the beginning of the sample.
loop start point becomes effective after the first loop return.
So you should keep pushing the key.

Don’t you mean such behavior? :unsure:

You maybe have some snapping options enabled (take a look at the upper right corner in the Sample Editor). Snapping options also apply when changing/dragging loop points.

Or he is looping a sample that was not assigned to the “z” key that was currently assigned to a C3 or C5 because the default octave was not right.
But i can’t tell whether there were more samples in that same instrument and what his current octave setting was.

Can you actually see the play-position-line float from left to right when you play that sample? And did you checked that the currently selected sample-slot is assigned to the sample you try to loop?
Click the Instrument Proprties panel and look at the virtual keyboard which key is activated when you press “z” with that instrument.