Weird Problem With Midi In In Renoise


I connected my Guitar Hero PS3 drums to my computer, using PS360 Drummer software and LoopBe MIDI. Renoise recognizes it, but a weird thing happens. When I just hit drums, I can see green midi in light in Renoise to appear (the one on the top right next to “MIDI MAP” button), I can see the volume bar at the top of Renoise to show (the harder I hit, the bigger the bar), but I cannot hear anything. If I go into Edit mode and hit drums, I can see that notes are being recorded twice (i.e. for each hit, I see two notes being recorded). Again, I cannot hear anything. But if I play what I recorded, it will play just fine.
It seems that something is looped on the MIDI side, and instead of hearing sound, I get two the same notes being recorded in Renoise.
Anybody knows what’s wrong with this?

I reinstalled the LoopBe MIDI and now when I edit the song, I have only one note recorded each time I hit the drums. So that has been “fixed”. But I still cannot hear any sound when I hit my drums. I can only hear sound when I play the edited song in Renoise. But no real-time playback when hitting drums. Any suggestions?

I’m keep fighting with this, and now I noticed that when I hit the drums, Renoise actually plays the beginning of a sample. Just a few first milliseconds of it. I didn’t hear it before, because it is so short. But when I played with this now, I’m definitely sure that it plays first few milliseconds of a sample. So it seems that the problem is really in Renoise now. Why would it only play first few miliseconds?
As I said previously, once I use Editing and add few notes with my drums, it will playback normally in Renoise. It’s just that real-time playing doesn’t seem to work.

I tried that already, but it doesn’t work.
My theory now is that because the drum gives a very short midi signal (just when I hit the pad) that quickly stops, Renoise interprets this as note release and stops playing it. So I guess what I need is that once a note is hit, I would like Renoise to play the whole sample no matter if the note was released or not. Does anyone know how to do it? I don’t know how to do it even without using MIDI. What I want to try is to set up Renoise (if possible) so that when I play a note using my computer keyboard, the corresponding sample will play fully no matter if I hold the note pressed or release the keyboard key during the sample play.
Another way to explain this: when you load a long sample (let’s say 10 seconds) into Renoise, and press a key on your keyboard, the sample will play as long as you hold the key pressed. If you release the key, the sample will immediately stop playing. Is it possible to configure Renoise so that even if I release the key, the sample will still play the whole 10 seconds?

Ok so it seems that the problem was really on the VST side. The VST that I was using is not really designed for drums MIDI controller. Once I downloaded an instrument that was specifically designed for drum MIDI controllers, it worked great.