Welcome To My House/mobile Studio!

Wow, that’s cool! So do you drive to gigs with your studio? You don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t feel like going onstage? :)
Music: Awesome stuff!

enjoyed, a lot. :]

thanks guys! haha! i’n not currently gigging but i like that idea! no unloading, tearing down, etc :) just send an audio line in and i’m good to go :P

Absolutely fantastic , so youalso live there right ?
I am living on a small sailboat , :)

yup, this is my little travelling house.
haha awesome man! houseboat was definitely something that also always appealed to me :) not hard to find land certainly :P
glad u enjoyed!

This is awesome. Sweet jams, man.

Also, holy shit a house boat? Really? That’s epic. I’ve been on one before, but I’ve never actually thought about living on one.

Wife would kill me if I made her stay in an RV that small… Great use of space!

A vehicle has the nice thing that you can drive to any quiet place not disturbing anyone.
In our country that is unfortunately not that easy. (You are forced to live at an official registered address)
You are not even allowed to live in holiday cottages for more than three months, though some municipalities condone it.

No nO not a housebotat , just a small 8 meter sailboat , nothing luxury actually , I refuse to pay rent for a house cause It’s so damn expensive …

thx man :)

hehe, understood :) that’s why i skipped the wife, got no room for one :P

:( no fun! i do plan on eventually getting some land, but for now i’m going to do the drifting thing for a while and have some adventures. and yes, it’s wonderful to be able to escape to the woods for some music making! i currently have installed some solar power into it, but it’s not quite enough yet to power my rig (but plenty to power my smaller gadgets, etc.) so it requires a connection to power for now. i plan on getting a few more panels specifically to power the studio and then i should be good to go even in the most remotest of areas :)

i hear ya man! sailboat sounds divine too! :) must provide an excellent nights sleep!

great music + interesting video = thx !

nice one! mount some speakers outside and open that window and you have a portable festival!
PS is that the kaoss pad creating the glitch in the last track?

thanks man, glad you enjoyed it! :)

haha, i’ve got some tiny 11w speakers currently just for monitoring purposes but have been going the headphone route for sound. i’ve gotta be super energy conscious, since my eventual plan is to run it all off solar. maybe i’ll pick up a generator for the portable festival :)

and yes, it’s the kp3 loop effect at the end.

Hey are you the same transient that put out a few albums of palm-pilot-made mini-albums using bhaji’s loops years ago? If so, I was always impressed by those…

yup that’d be me :) thanks man :)

i still rock the bhajis on a fairly consistent basis! i’m currently working on a new album with it.