Welcome To Slavery

Howdie Partners. I still don’t own a new PC but I resqued another track from my broken harddrive. This track called “welcome to slavery” was done exclusive for a Hardstyle-Event in a local Club.

Hope, that the mastering is better this time ;)

download this piece of crap

whats up with all that talking in the middle of the song? it ruins the flow in my opinion. especially in a dancefloor killer like this. Because apart from the weak claps and the corny talking in the middle its a good dancefloor filler with sinister melodies and a solid beat

I liked the talking. But then again, I like the movie. :D

cool shit man. what movie is that from? i like the way her voice sounds. this is wicked dark. i didn’t think the claps sounded weak personally. awesome break part around 3:15. the lead synth that is coming in during the buildup around 3:45-4:00 sounds AWESOME

keep it up :)

The vocals are from “from dusk till dawn” - This has also been done for such a video at www.hardstyle.tv

Thanks for reviews.