Went back to Live ....for 5 minutes, then back to Renoise !

I don’t know what possessed me,

I fired up up Ableton again for the 1st time since getting Renoise As VOPM vst doesn’t seem to work well with Renoise and within about 5 minutes I was dying to get back to Renoise !!

I just cannot go back to that whole ‘Left/right’ way of arranging and writing anymore, coupled with the loose timing of MIDI in most DAWS , although I’m still very slow when it comes to typing in the Ptn editor i know through time I’ll get quicker, I’m so glad i found this Tracker - for electronic music it’s literally a godsend !

Yeah sounds like me… Except I haven’t even tried any other DAW for a year or two now.

This is the Renoise cur(s)e!

Loose MIDI timing ?

They should all be sample accurate with internal plugins, and if you mean externally, then Renoise is no better.

Somewhhere on the forums, a user posted a DAW comparison of external MIDI clock sync, and Renoise was far and away was the tightest, dunno know about ITB though, I’d presume you’re right, or atleast I would hope.

I refuse to believe Renoise has better external MIDI timing than any other host with the same MIDI interface, there is a possibility in Windows if they are using some kind of messed up timers, but this is 2016, if timing was an issue with the other hosts, it would be a big issue haha, user tests on a forum, trustworthy … not (no disrespect to that user, just way too many factors)

no seriously renoise has better midi clockout , altough it still has jitter .

Here venetian snares just uses renoise as a midi clock

That thread about tight timing was issued by some hardware midi converter. Of course other daws have the same tight timing, too, or even better.