Were/are You In A Band?

Hey, I never really introduced myself on this forum anywhere before. Hey, I’m Erik. I have been using/learning renoise for the past few months and recently purchased it and I really love using this program.

Anyways, I am just curious to see if any of you who use renoise a lot were in a band or did any other music other than the stuff you write on your computers. I started off playing bass, drums, guitar and a few other things and just decided to start doing it all on my computer since being in a band takes too much time now! If you have, I would like to hear it as well. I’ll start.

Stems - Bass, Xylophone, Vocals, Various
Flesh and Blood Robot - Bass
Anna Flyaway - Drums

Haha, bad topic I guess.

renoise users don t have friends. we never go out of our studios, some disciples bring us food as godgift… So it s impossible to make a band… all our existance is dedicated to God Renoise… Nothing’s more important to reach the renoise heaven… you ll understand when you ll be a mother fking levitationg guru of the outta space :)

I start many bands. I watch them slowly disintegrate into a haze of ego and drugs. The band ends, and then I steal all the musical ideas.

True story.

Foo, the Renoise Saint :yeah:

Haha, the more I use renoise, the more I get what you’re saying. Soon enough, I will be a hermit with sweet hair, a pretty dense body odor, and meter long finger nails. I’ll be living the dream. :D

Same here.

That’s sweet. I still like a couple French screamo bands. At least I think they’re French. Their names are La Quiete and Daitro, heard of them?

Oops, I guess La Quiete is Italian. I know Daitro is French though. Amanda Woodward rings a bell, but I can’t distinctly remember their music. I think level plane records released their stuff in the U.S. back in the day?


Well, I am currently jamming unregularly with a guitarist and a bassist with me triggering loops and playing keys. Problem is that the bassist is working too much and not practicing enough and I am not really able to play keys, and that we almost always get drunk/stoned too fast and stop working on songs/tracks and just start jamming. I have about 20 hours of seriously stoned jam-music on my harddisk (including parts with a 3-voice male-choir singing gibberish).

_I_was_really_trying_to_express_myself_okay??? :)

yo khan!

well…don’t want to spoil the thread though, so:

I’ve been something like a ‘group’ for a while and we’ve made two or three songs. One was the singer, one was the tracker (guess who) and another did some tracking and composing, too and even some mastering. As always every member does some composition, so did we. If you can call it music or composition at all. But my image of a band is rather a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer …AND a tracker :)
So …wouldn’t consider myself as someone who ever was in a band.

Haha, that sounds pretty interesting, you should post the choir part and let us hear it! I had that same problem with bands I was in too. I like to smoke/drink, but I hate when it gets in the way of writing music.

That sounds pretty cool as well. Got any of tht music hosted anywhere for us to hear?

That’s because you’re both in Europe.

I’ve been in 6 different bands.

The first two were acoustical.

I’m in one currently, but taking care of my grandma with terminal cancer who just died last monday was making it hard to practice. Hopefully The Number F ( http://thenumberf.com ) will be starting to get back together again soon.

used to be in the punk band in my late teens, drums of course…

I’m sorry for your loss.

up the punx

I’ve been in a skaband last year… and guess what i was… The tracker of course :D !!
no just kidding, i played the trumpet. But too bad we were with like 8 people and it was hard to find a moment to rehearse, we started to rehearse less and less and so it bleeded to death. Furthermore i play the guitar and sometimes i jam some metal with my satanfriend. Tho i dont like the metalscene, but i do enjoy making some agressive riffs. it’s all about the energy baby

but now it is renoise all the way!