We're In Need Of A Dark Stylesheet For Renoise.com

I’m not proposing we have 463 skins the users can choose from, but for the sake of our eyes (some of us are old you know) we NEED an alternative dark low contrast stylesheet for at least the Forums and In:Depth.

If people want me to participate, then I need something better to look at! My head is being drilled by this light desert style. Just an inversion of it would be an ace start.

Who’s with me? How hard is this?

make a renoise themes-to-forum themes xml converter :3

I personally use the Invision board’s default blue-ish theme. It’s still light coloured, but something about it feels more comfortable than the Renoise-beige-desert-wastelands look :)
I do agree though, a darker theme could be lovely.


I am very much into visual presentations at the moment, in all senses, and this board is way too bright for my eyes. Bring the lights down fellas.