We'Re Making History! - Epic L.A. Renoise Event! The Stand

We’Re-Making History! - Epic L.A. Renoise Event! The Standard Hotel - What!.. Renoise and a Swimming Pool?

Indamixx 2 - ‘Some droids have all the fun’.

Ahh… as the sun goes down and the evening arrives, eventually the hottest celebrity of the ‘Tablet Wars’ will show up, and of course, steal the show, plus our hearts.

Take a look, as our most elegant and unique prize, graces us with beauty, but not before she freshens up with a glamorous version of Renoise 2.6 on top… now that’s OUR girl.

“Welcome To The Game”!

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for my good friends DJ KAM and Rich! These guys made the magic happen and luckily celebrity photographer Eldon Spencer pulled off his brilliant “paparazzi move” in the rain to get our beauty the exposure she deserves.

Mad props!


First Public Beta - Multi-Touch Tablet - Indamixx 2 - Transmission 5 Os

Thank you

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